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Re: Wheezy!

On Sat, 26 Feb 2011 20:20:16 +0100, Alessandro Ghedini wrote:

> > In the meantime Tim has detected RT::Client::REST, David was in
> > contact with the upstream author of App::rtpaste, and Maximilian also
> > has expressed interest in such a tool. -- Maybe someone can invest a
> > rainy afternoon into such a tool?
> Some time ago I was thinking to make a Perl module supporting the Debbugs 
> SOAP API (just like python-debianbts or python-btsutils), which would make 
> relatively easy to implement what you are suggesting.

Yup, interacting with the Debian BTS is one part of the game, but it
already works with SOAP::Lite (a simpler interface would of course be
nice). - The other parts are the communication with CPAN RT, and the
integration into our packages, i.e. reading from d/patches, adding RT
bug numbers there maybe, ...

(There are some examples around, I can send you stuff I am using or
have used, too.)
> I haven't really planned anything but if this can be useful I can start
> putting something together.

Sounds like a useful start in any case :)
> > There are a few packages that have a WAITS-FOR declared in
> > d/changelog on package that are not packaged and for which there's
> > also no ITP. After weeding out some stale entries that leaves us with
> > at least the following:
> > [...]
> > librole-identifiable-perl
> > [...]
> I am working on librole-identifiable-perl (it's on SVN). It is needed by 
> the new version of libconfig-mvp-perl, which is needed by the new version 
> of libdist-zilla-perl

Ah, sorry for missing this.

> The main problem is that I have not been able to formulate a proper 
> description for it, if someone would like to help.... :)

Maybe Jonathan can help here?
> > libtest-cpan-meta-yaml-perl
> > libtest-json-meta-perl
> These seem quite interesting. I can have a look at them.


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