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Re: Some perl team statistics


Xavier Oswald wrote:
> On 10:28 11/26/10, Christian Kuelker wrote:
>> some minutes I had a look at it. It looks promising! Some suggestions:
>> 1) add a config file to the script. Use some simple and human
>> readable format. Config::Tiny will do.
> I was not considering this since it was for the perl team purpose, and maybe
> other team but only on alioth. But why not, Ill think about it.

Yes, pleas consider since you store this in a SVN where others might
read the password. Even if it is not public now. If one makes a SVN
public, then one would not consider searching for passwords in files

>> The motivation is. if you make the configuration of the database (
>> user name and password) external, you can not make the mistake to
>> upload any password to the SVN.
> sure.
>> So having to deal with a password in a script should only be done
>> via: a) cfg file or b) command line option. But not saved in a script.
>> 2) Just a question: would you consider to save the history in the
>> database?
> It is filled in the beginginning of the script as TODO.


>> 3) Is Moose installed on the server? (hint, hint, ...)
> no :/ Otherwise Ill have considered using it ;)

That is too bad ...

>> 4) use formating of the script described in PBP. If you search for a
>> guide for vim, use the one of the CipUX project.
>> The motivation is: you have a lot of TABs and other things in your
>> file. Those invisible characters will bite you sooner or later.
> Agreed, Ill have a look.



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