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Re: Some perl team statistics

On 11:08 11/26/10, Stefan Hornburg (Racke) wrote:
> >1) add a config file to the script. Use some simple and human
> >readable format. Config::Tiny will do.
> >
> >The motivation is. if you make the configuration of the database (
> >user name and password) external, you can not make the mistake to
> >upload any password to the SVN.
> >
> >So having to deal with a password in a script should only be done
> >via: a) cfg file or b) command line option. But not saved in a script.
> >
> b) is bad as everyone else on the system can grab the password.
> So either a) or c) password by prompt or d) .my.cnf or similar file for other
> databases.

The UDD database I fetch the datas is only a service called "udd", no user and
no password. That's why I have put the DB connection directly in my script.

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