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Re: Removing inactive members from the pkg-perl Alioth group

On Wed, 25 Aug 2010 22:49:27 +0200, Xavier Oswald wrote:

> I still have a question since I cannot remember what happened some years ago.
> There was a thread about having DDs member by default to some team on alioth. I
> remember that pkg-perl, pkg-python and some other were concerned.

They are not members in the alioth sense but teams can decide to give
all DDs commit access (and pkg-perl has); IIRC that's done with ACLs.
> I raise this since if it the case, you can remove all DDs accounts if Im right ?

Technically yes; or almost "yes", I've seen problems with post-commit
hooks when the ACLs were not correct :)

But that would be a bit ... weird, says my gut.

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