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Re: Hoping to be of use (as well as getting my packages uploaded....)

I absolutely understand. It all makes sense to me. It's just sort of frustrating that it has taken me so long to get this far and I am not there yet. I wonder do you think you could get a link from http://www.debian.org/devel/#projects to a page associated with you. I cannot say it would have helped me find you quicker but it would have given me less excuse for not finding you quicker.

Damyan Ivanov wrote:
-=| Nicholas Bamber, Wed, Aug 04, 2010 at 06:53:05PM +0100 |=-
... To the unwise novice this all looks like Debian is just putting obstacles in his path - that as soon as he reaches one summit, the clouds part and he realizes he must climb one more. However it is not thus. Rather the obstacles are there to prove that the novice is worthy - because many set out on the path and return disappointed, the obstacles serve to separate the determined from the less so.

We're not that cruel :)

Not complaining. ;-) Just putting into svn will have to wait until tommorrow.

The requirement to put things in SVN is there because we are a group and we need a central place to work together. SVN is that place for us. Mind you, we take care for over 1600 packages. Without a central code repository we'd be insane since quite some time :)

That said, different sponsors indeed have different requirements. Or to say it differently, they emphasise on different sides of packaging practices. Even if some of the requirements are a matter of style or preference, be prepared to defend your choices :)

Awaiting for your contributions,

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