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Re: Hoping to be of use (as well as getting my packages uploaded....)

Okay if I understand things it's like this. In general Debian the prospective package maintainer does the packaging work to the best of his ability and hands it over to someone with upload privileges. The person with upload privileges rebuilds and sanity checks the packages and only if satisfied does he actually upload the package. Further to that he has the right to set his own additional conditions to make his life easier - it is after all a thankless and unpaid task. So if one fulfils all the conditions for generic Debian, but not fulfilled the conditions for a specific sponsor, then he must redo the work to the satisfaction of the sponsor (okay the bulk of the effort should carry across). To the unwise novice this all looks like Debian is just putting obstacles in his path - that as soon as he reaches one summit, the clouds part and he realizes he must climb one more. However it is not thus. Rather the obstacles are there to prove that the novice is worthy - because many set out on the path and return disappointed, the obstacles serve to separate the determined from the less so.

Not complaining. ;-) Just putting into svn will have to wait until tommorrow.

Jonathan Yu wrote:

In our workflow, our process is to package things in SVN and have them
reviewed directly from our repository before upload. The DDs will
rebuild your package themselves from the stuff in SVN.



On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 1:35 PM, Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk> wrote:
I can see there are instructions for building from svn:
http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/howto/upload.html .
I don't have an issue using those but will I have to rebuild what I have on

Jonathan Yu wrote:

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 8:49 AM, Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk>

 Do you mean you have never needed to apply for developershipness? Not
everything I am interested in is a perl module (or even perl)  so I might
have to.

That's correct. I still intend to, when I have some free time to get
my key better incorporated in the Web of Trust, to read over the DFSG
again, and to catch up on what I've missed in the past couple months
in terms of the changes to the Debian Policy manual (the last one I
was intimately familiar with was version 3.8.2 or so).

I may want to figure out how to package C libraries too, so of course
being a DD is a thought for the future. But for now, being a member of
the Perl group has given me the ability to contribute back
significantly to Debian, and I just wanted to convey that thought
(particularly as I think there are many people who want to contribute
to Debian, but don't know how, and don't feel confident enough to
apply to be a DD, and are having similar problems finding a mentor --
in many ways, the Debian Perl Group provides a partial solution to
these issues).

Jonathan Yu wrote:

Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for introducing yourself and welcome to the group (I'm sure an
admin will notice shortly and add your permissions appropriately).

I've never heard of the CPAN packages you are planning to upload, but
if they're useful to you, they're likely to be useful to others, and I
think it will simultaneously be a great boost to Debian as well as the
Perl community.

We are fortunate to have many DDs that can provide a thorough review
of your package and, given your apparently high standards for
packaging, I have no doubts we'll be able to upload your stuff. (As a
sidenote, while being a DD may be currently part of your plan, and is
certainly a good goal to have, I am still not a DD and have been able
to accomplish quite a bit -- 400+ Perl packages currently bear my
name. This group is one that allows many non-DDs to contribute in a
meaningful way, and many of those people do eventually become DDs too)



On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 7:26 AM, Nicholas Bamber <nicholas@periapt.co.uk>

 I just joined the debian-perl group via alioth under the user name
"periapt-guest". I'm running a perl based website design business and
part of this group should help with that. I copy below what I put on my

"I have uploaded four perl packages to the  mentors site but failed to
any sponsors. Paul Wise suggested I come here which I am happy to do as
fits with my long term aims. Those are that I should administer my
production machines largely via the debian packaging mechanism rather
by compilers and CPAN, since the former handles dependencies and
much better. As such I really want to end up being a fully fledged
developer. I have read the Debian policy manual, new maintainers guide,
developers reference and certainly those bits I needed to get clean
reports several times over.

My short term goals are summarized by this web page:


My medium term goal is to get the w3c-markup-validator package back on
track. "


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