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Re: [rt.cpan.org #58445] overzealous usage of configure_requires considered harmful

On Fri, 18 Jun 2010 17:04:41 +0200, Tina Mueller wrote:

> >Unless I'm missing something the advice for people using
> >Module::Build on Debian is (as usual): use the Debian package instead
> >of fetching the module manually from CPAN.
> Well, if I could, I would.
> The version of libmodule-build-perl on lenny is 0.2808.01 as far as I
> can see.

Ok, if you are bound to using lenny but need newer versions it gets
more complicated indeed.

> Now, there are modules which require a newer version. That's the
> whole reason why we are trying to build a package.
> Since we package all modules we use in debian and redhat packages,
> we want to build Module::Build so that if we package modules
> which require a new version of M::B we don't have to get the new
> M::B version manually all the time.

I think I see your point now.

If I needed a newer version in lenny I'd probably try to install the
version from testing or unstable or to backport the relevant packages
from there before building a new package from scratch.

(You probably run into problems with some prerequisites that need
newer versions, but that's not different than when creating a package
from scratch or using a newer version from CPAN.)
> >>>>>At the moment I believe many just give up because the workaround is not
> >>>>>easy to find.
> >Hm, I've never heard about such complaints before, but I might be
> >missing some aspect.
> Well, if you never heard of this maybe this is because people give up
> and don't know where to ask.


Although I think asking in some debian-perl context when dealing with
debian packages for perl modules is a not too far fetched idea :)
> Now two colleagues of mine tried to build Module::Build and both said,
> it's not possible because of that conflict -> giving up.
> I then found out with some help on a perl IRC channel that there is
> this possibility with dpkg-divert. If one is not a dh-make-perl or
> cpan2dist expert one just doesn't know where to look.

Sure; dh-make-perl is a nice tool to help in creating debian packages
but manual intervention and knowledge about packaging are still

Independent of the M::B question: If you have questions regarding
debian packages for perl modules feel free to ask at
debian-perl@lists.debian.org or on IRC (#debian-perl at the OFTC


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