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Re: Package name convention: Tie::ShadowHash

-=| Stefan Hornburg (Racke), Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 11:28:19AM +0100 |=-
> I intend to package the Perl module Tie::ShadowHash as this is 
> needed for the interchange package used with a certain configuration 
> (#571694).


> In order to do that I invoked cpan2deb Tie::ShadowHash to cover the 
> basic work.
> However, it picked libshadowhash-perl as package name.
> According to the Perl policy
> (http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/perl-policy/ch-module_packages.html#s-package_names)
> libtie-shadowhash-perl would be the correct package name.


> Is that a bug in cpan2deb?

I think not.

dh-make-perl (the real name of cpan2deb) takes the name either from 
the 'name' member of META.yml, or from the DISTNAME setting in 
Makefile.PL. In this case, the CPAN dist is named ShadowHash.

Why the dist name? Because no one invented a better way to find the 
'main' module in a distribution. It worked well so far.

I'd think that the CPAN dist is badly named, but being a foreigner in 
CPAN-lands, I claim no authority on the mater.

If you haven't made much customization of debian/*, the --packagename 
option can help to re-create the packaging with the right package 

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