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Re: Test-Corpus-Audio-MPD 1.100430

On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 16:34:51 +0100, Jerome Quelin wrote:

> > >> If the latter, Debian generally also wants "source" files for
> > >> everything -- including, as I understand it, multimedia files -- in
> > >> the way that a developer would work on them.
> > > erm, the source file was just a wav file with me speaking in the mic.
> > > and they're definitely long gone! :-)
> > Thanks for the explanation. I must've missed the description in the
> > POD. I believe this is sufficient for Debian, but if someone else in
> > the group objects, I hope they speak up :)
> please speak up if you have any objection. 

Should be fine IMO.

> if you guys think that it's
> enough, i'll release a new version which specifically states that the
> ogg files are recordings of *my* voice, to remove any potential question
> about that. thanks for letting me spot it.

That would indeed be helpful, otherwise someone else might raise the
same questions :)
(And maybe that they have the same copyright/license as the code to make
it super-clear.)

Thanks alot for taking care of these issues!

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