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Minutes from the DPG meeting @DebConf9, 2009-07-18

We intented to only adjust the agenda for the 'real' meeting, but 
couldn't resist to take some decisions :)  Here we go:

- There is no need to seek and remove low-usage (low popcon rating) 

svn -> git migration project
 - mr is too slow
 - git-submodules may be the answer; may be harder to set up initialy, 
   but pull/push shall be fast. some wrappers need to be written to 
   help streamline the workflow (and make it similar to the SVN one).
 - dam will investigate

perl policy §4.3 change about build-depending on perl (>= 5.6.0-16)
 - this shall be removed from the policy as 5.6 is lo-o-ong gone.

moving dual-lifed core modules outside of perl-modules
 - creates more circular dependencies (separated packages depend on 
   perl), so no.

packaging applications
 - the svn apps/ area is empty, but doesn't hurt
 - git repo(s) are used and they seem to work so far

unified debian/rules
 - gradually implement that as packages are upgraded; dh --with quilt 
   simplifies the goal greatly

auto-updating d/rules after checksumming:
 - dh-make-perl to create d/rules with the checksum tag
 - dh-make-perl --refresh to update d/rules only if its checksum 
   matches a known generated one

stale WiP
 - PET section or a cron job reporting to the list?

new upstream WiP
 - some of them don't need to be uploaded (cosmetic changes)
 - Ryan52 has a patch about recognising these?
 - changelog header standard?

rename source packages to be lib*-perl:
 - ask ftp-masters if this is too painful for them
 - possibly also rename binary packages not following lib*-perl 
   pattern (with all the caveats: Provides, update dependencies)
 - volunteers needed

packagecheck needs to be rewritten in perl
 - It is a shame for such a vital tool to not be written in Perl :)
 - volunteers needed

pathces in need to be forwarded
 - requires headers to be properly filled (DEP3 may need some push)
 - we need a tool that lists patches that need to be forwarded
 - some way to easier edit patch headers without risking getting the 
   header wrong (visudo-like)
 - also a helper function for forwarding the patch upstream (providing 
   a template mail or whatever)
 - volunteers needed

may be a similar tool for forwarding bugreports?

patch names:
 - reflect patch functionality, not duplicating patch headers (e.g. no 
   need for the name to suggest if this is a debian-specific patch, 
   was it forwarded, was it stolen from ubuntu or upstream SVN)

fixing lintian errors in all packages
 - volunteers needed

ancient Standard-Version-s
 - need to be hunted down and refreshed
 - maybe update packages not uploaded since long time (sarge)
 - volunteers needed

unify d/repack
 - Ryan52 is already working on this

 - todo: remove transitional packages (volunteers needed)
 - remove (?) B-D on "perl-modules (>= 5.10) | libFOO-perl":
   - we do this after sqeeze

upload half-adopted packages
 - uploads are warranted at least because of the BTS
 - volunteers needed

 - progresses slowly (currently only --refresh uses new, modularized 
 - fresh forces welcome
 - as well as bug reports

d/copyright and ddebian/*
 - is bravely re-generated by dh-make-perl --refresh
 - if you are unhappy about it, please yell

sanity check on new packages
 - no easy way to sort out.

next meeting
 - booked by gwolf at 23:00 on 2009-07-26 in the lower talk room
 - video coverage promised

That's all, folks. The meeting took some one and a half hours.

See you (or at least you see us on video stream) in a week!


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