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Re: Minutes from the DPG meeting @DebConf9, 2009-07-18

Hi Dam,

On Sat, Jul 18, 2009 at 22:05, Damyan Ivanov<dmn@debian.org> wrote:
> We intented to only adjust the agenda for the 'real' meeting, but
> couldn't resist to take some decisions :)  Here we go:

Thanks for the minutes!

> stale WiP
>  - PET section or a cron job reporting to the list?

I'd say that PET can effectively override many mails and is much less
noise in the list. The same could be said of many other mails we
receive, like archive notifications, testing migration, and even bug
reports. Not that I'm active now, but I been consistently deleting
most of that stuff since is easier to me to see the report.

>  - changelog header standard?

what was discussed about this? I'd vote in favor of specifying some
"official" tags or headers to use

> pathces in need to be forwarded
>  - requires headers to be properly filled (DEP3 may need some push)
>  - we need a tool that lists patches that need to be forwarded
>  - some way to easier edit patch headers without risking getting the
>   header wrong (visudo-like)
>  - also a helper function for forwarding the patch upstream (providing
>   a template mail or whatever)
>  - volunteers needed

About all of this, again it shows the usefulness of having fields in
d/control that allow the tools to automatically do things like talking
with upstream bug trackers.

> next meeting
>  - booked by gwolf at 23:00 on 2009-07-26 in the lower talk room

I'll be there!!

See you next Saturday, foilks!

Martín Ferrari

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