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Re: ITP: libtk-dirselect-perl #509608

gregor herrmann <gregoa@debian.org> writes:

> The long description says:
>  Note: Perl/Tk 804 added the chooseDirectory method which uses
>  native system dialogs where available. If you want a native feel
>  for your program, you probably want to use that method instead --
>  possibly using this module as a fallback for systems with older
>  versions of Tk installed.
> As perl-tk 804 is even available in stable wouldn't that be enough?

I've tried the chooseDirectory method, but directory creation does not
work (worse, the -mustexist option triggers an exception). So I'd
rather use Tk::DirSelect. 

If chooseDirectory gets fixed, I'll have no problem in dropping

> Regarding the package it self I made two minor fixes (see svn
> log/diff), 

ok. No problem.

> and one essential one: adding perl-tk to Build-Depends-Indep, since
> it's used in the tests (and they fail in a cowbuilder chroot).

Oops. I'll try not to forget this one for lib-config-model-tkui.


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