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Re: Debian Perl Group meeting at DebCamp - 2008-08-06

-=| Guy Hulbert, Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 09:19:12AM -0400 |=-
> On Sun, 2008-14-09 at 10:19 +0300, Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> > My other concern is somehow opposite of Gunnar's: I worry about the 
> > project-wide changes, i.e. changes affecting all packages. 
> http://git.or.cz/gitwiki/SubprojectSupport
> http://git.or.cz/gitwiki/GitSubmoduleTutorial

TTBOMLK, this is not what we need. The "super-module" needs to be 
refreshed after each commit in the sub-modules:

    If you want to make a change within a submodule, you should first 
    check out a branch, make your changes, publish the change within 
    the submodule, and then update the superproject to reference the 
    new commit

    (quote from the GitSubmoduleTutorial)

No one tried mr[1]?

    [1] http://packages.qa.debian.org/mr

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