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Re: Cleaning Uploaders -- a mistake?

Damyan Ivanov dijo [Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 05:25:50PM +0200]:
> Hi,
> (...)
> However, Xavier Oswald, who maintains a number of libauthen-*-perl
> packages has objections on that last part. See the attached IRC log for
> details.
> One approach out that I see is to revert the DM-part of the group policy
> and instead refuse to use DM-Upload-Allowed in all our packages. AFAIK
> it is set only for one package -- libdevice-cdio-perl and Tincho has not
> yet taken advantage of it.
> Please comment.


I tend to side with Xavier here - Maybe we took the wrong decision
here. Maybe the best would have been just to state that our
group-maintained packages _have_ enough vigilant upload-able DDs not
to need DMs. So, we can keep everybody interested as uploader, and
just disable x-dm-upload-allow (even include checks for it in our QA

And anyway... Well, this is our inner group-oriented policy. I don't
think we should insist on it being followed as strictly as the Debian
policy - Our policy (in this area, at least) mandates our
organizational arrangings, nothing strictly technical. And it _does_
allow for elasticity, it _does_ allow for exceptions.


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