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Re: Packaging perl applications [was: Pending membership requests]

On Aug 9, 2007, at 8:23 AM, Damyan Ivanov wrote:

-=| gregor herrmann,  9.08.2007 01:28 |=-
Maybe there's some confusion about ack - is this a module or an

This was in fact a source of confusion for me.

If we are talking about
http://search.cpan.org/~petdance/ack-1.64/Ack.pm (App::Ack) then
there's no question, I guess ;-)

It seems to be a bit of a hybrid. Andy Lester obviously has a good deal of programming experience and built himself a tool to use as a partial replacement to grep but it seems he built it so it might be extensible and fit within the standard module format.

That one looks like a module that is only usable by the application. I
would consider this module being part of the application (i.e. not
deserving separate libapp-ack package etc).

I kind of agree - it looks like the module's _only_ real purpose is for ack the application. At least at this point, perhaps if it gets used by other modules it might be seen as something else than just an application packaged as a module.

OTOH, I wonder how bad would it be to have this package in pkg-perl?
Yes, it does not fit into the declared goals, but how much a perl- based
application is different to a perl module in regards to packaging?

This is the part that I find a bit confusing frankly. I feel I don't have the experience with packaging for debian to be able to add constructively to the discussion at the moment.


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