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Re: r192 - packages/libtext-formattable-perl/tags

Allard Hoeve dijo [Sun, Jun 13, 2004 at 04:12:31PM +0200]:
> > Hi Gunnar. Did you do this by hand, or was this svn-inject's deed?
> No, svn-inject doesn't tag at all. svn-buildpackage has a --tag option.

Good to know... Although I prefer to take an extra step -
svn-buildpackage, check it over, upload it, and ONLY after it has been
uploaded tag it manually.

> > 'cause how I understand it (based on
> > file:///usr/share/doc/svn-buildpackage/HOWTO.html/index.html and as just
> > written in subversion.pod), tags are supposed to represent the versions
> > in the archive and are tagged the moment the to-be-uploaded .deb is
> > built (by passing --svn-tag to svn-buildpackage - that's what this
> > options is for, isn't it). Therefore, since libtext-formattable-perl has
> > not been released yet, it should have no tags. Maybe allard can comment
> > on that (as well as on my changes to subversion.pod, revision 199).
> Well, it seems intuitive and logical to say that tagging should be done
> when a release is final. That is, when it's uploaded. That way, we can
> always checkout one specific release when we want to. So I think Joachim
> is right.


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