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Re: Automatic generation of Debian-Packages

According to James Curbo:
> Given my experiences. most modules seem to work pretty well 'out of the
> box' with dh-make-perl.

Makefile.PL is the root of all evil -- it expects to be run on the
target system, which is a totally broken assumption in a system like

Worse: Recently, agitators have taken it upon themselves to challenge
the hegemony of ExtUtils::MakeMaker -- good for them! -- but, sadly,
they have (IMO) botched the job.

Look at Module::Install, Module::Build, Module::MetaInfo, etc.
Consider all the weird and unusual configuration probes and
interactive questions to be invoked (directly or indirectly) in recent
Makefile.PL scripts; and you will inevitably mourn the lost potential
for automated packaging for distros.  If only the cleverness had been
guided earlier...!

Don't even get me started on dependency tracking.

In short, automatic creation of debs from CPAN modules is in a poor
state and is getting poorer.  This ensures that we shall continue to
have useful jobs in the Debian project, however.  So it's not all bad.
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