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Re: Need a Perl trick for a (potential) Debian package

  "Joey" == Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:
  Joey> It'd be worth checking if SOAP can be built with eg, support for
  Joey> SMTP, and still work in other modes like HTTP, even if MIME::Lite is
  Joey> not installed.  Perhaps they were sensible and you don't actually

I just packaged MIME::Lite. Doesn't hurt to have it. (I originally packaged
libmime-perl as well. Hi gibreel :)

  Joey> need all these modules as dependancies; if someone really wants SOAP
  Joey> over email, they can install the necessary MIME::Lite module, and so
  Joey> on.

I will take this approach regarding SSL which I won't use (I think). I will
try enable all the other transport mechanism, though, as you also suggested
in your second email.

Does anyone have a really foolproof way to test all the build depends for
this one?  Else I'll just let BenC's dpkg-genbuilddeps loose...


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