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Re: Need a Perl trick for a (potential) Debian package

Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> I'm looking at SOAP::Lite and might package it, maybe even only locally
> first.

I'd like to see it in debian.

> The Makefile.PL (below) is interactive. Does anyone have a trick to
> force answers onto it, or should I just change the code, or not even run
>      perl Makefile.PL
> from debian/rules ?

Just hack the code. Or see if it will accept answers piped into it, but
I'm not familiar with how ExtUtils::MakeMaker::prompt does its

> It also has quite a battery of dependencies. What is the Right Thing with
> respect to packaging this?  All? Some? None?

That's tough. I am interested in using SOAP as a possible backend
database transport mechanism for debconf, but that would require a SSL
transport, which would put SOAP::Lite non-us. You might need to maintain
at least 2 packages because of this problem. The smtp, pop, and ftp
transports are probably rarely used (?).

It'd be worth checking if SOAP can be built with eg, support for SMTP, and 
still work in other modes like HTTP, even if MIME::Lite is not installed.
Perhaps they were sensible and you don't actually need all these modules as
dependancies; if someone really wants SOAP over email, they can install the
necessary MIME::Lite module, and so on.

see shy jo

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