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Re: discussion on perl module packaging

I was more thinking about usage on a developer's machine.  But your probably right
about that this approach won't work for checking the completely archive on master.

But then again, maybe an approach similar to Contents or Packages might be feasible.
Each package would then be required to contain a file with info needed for lintian
checks.  Upon installment in the distributino this file could be extracted from
the package and installed via 'update-lintian'.  I don't know whether dpkg can
be told to extract only a certain file, but lintian is probably important enough for
dpkg to be adapted.


Sean 'Shaleh' Perry (shaleh@valinux.com) wrote:
> Lintian is currently run over the entire debian archive on master.  I can not
> assume a package or its depends are installed.
> I had considered the equiv of shlibs files, but it only works in the case you
> describe.

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