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Re: discussion on perl module packaging

>>>>> "brendan" == Dea  <Brendan> writes:
    brendan>   1.  Check the current package 2.  Check
    brendan> /var/lib/info/*.list 3.  Check [if there is one]
    brendan> /some/path/to/Contents-$(arch).gz 4.  Intuit the package
    brendan> name (Foo::Bar => libfoo-bar-perl) [probably with a
    brendan> suitable warning]

We seem to be in violent agreement :)

However, option 4 is probably not going to work often enough that it
would be worthing attempting.  Either

        use Gtk::Atoms;


        use Tk;

spring to mind as causing breakage.


"There are those who call me... Tim"

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