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Re: discussion on perl module packaging

>>>>> "Sean" == Sean 'Shaleh' Perry <shaleh@valinux.com> writes:
    Sean> currently there is such a list in lintian.  Problem is that
    Sean> it is ALWAYS out of date.  I would like a solution that does
    Sean> not involved a file distributed with lintian.

If this is only to track perl modules then

        gzip '.pm$' Contents-$(arch).gz > Contents-perl

would give the information you need.  Although that will still get
out-of-date, it should do so relatively slowly.  Debian just doesn't
get that many new perl modules on a regular basis.

    Sean> Problem with the contents file is that it a) requires net
    Sean> access or b) requires lintian be run on a mirror.  I could
    Sean> add a --on-mirror switch, but I was hoping we could come up
    Sean> with a better answer.

The contents file is the only complete listing of files in a Debian

OTOH, wouldn't it be sufficient to report that a package references an
Perl module of unkown origin, even if the correct dependency can't be
determined?  After all, maintainers have to be good for something. :)

There are also occassions when the maintainer may have deliberately
left out a dependency because the module is only references by an
example script for instance. I do this in freewrl to avoid having to
depnd on libgtk-perl just for the sake of a single example script.


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