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Re: Perl 5.6.0 Is Here!

According to Michael Koehne:
> Moin Chip Salzenberg,
> > I never did like perllocal.pod.  Debian tends to use directories for
> > that sort of thing.
> perllocal.pod is a good way to look whats installed.

Single files are always easy for looking.  It's the updating that's
hard.  And updating is important.  Ergo, I don't like perllocal.pod.

>   I think that a 'scan CPAN' -> 'build debian' could be done automaticaly ;-)

Semi-automatically, anyway.

>   Debian Perl 5.6 may also come with a ExtUtils::MM_Debian, to update the
>   dpgk database, to tell Debian that some module was installed by CPAN.

That's clever.  But the package names would have to be distinguished
somehow from the standard ones -- "libnet-perl-cpan" instead of
"libnet-perl", for example.  Or so I suspect.

> > I'm not getting that.  Which db libraries do you have installed?  I'm
> > using the one in glibc:
>   If you only have the file from libc, your Perl wont support DB_File.
>   You also need the libdb2-dev, which will cause the known error.

I think you're mistaken:

    # dpkg -S /usr/include/db.h
    libc6-dev: /usr/include/db.h

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