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Re: Perl 5.6.0 Is Here!

Moin Chip Salzenberg,

> Well, I've built it, and it works.  Any thought of approaching deb
> creation?  Or would you like me to take the first arrow ^W attempt?

  of course it works - the prior version also compiled and installed.

  The only part where they break (here) is the regession test with BSD-DBM,
  where Perl is claiming that the Debian's BSD-DBM version is broken.

  I'm using an /opt/perl-VERSIONNR schema for some time, as Perl 5.005
  is unusable for me, because XML programming will require "use uft8;"
  which is a new feature since Perl 5.005_55.

  I hope to see Perl 5.6 in woody, and I would also applaud to see
  it in Potato (perhaps as /opt/perl-5.6).

  But I think that building a Perl 5.6 that is replacing Perl 5.005
  wont be trivial, as any .deb that is depending on Perl has to be

  BTW: I'm still missing CPAN/modules/by-module/{Dpkg,Debian,DebianNet},
  to get rid of the Debian Perl, without braking dselect/dpkg. imho Debian
  Perl is broken, as it contains modules, that can not be found on CPAN!

  Also many modules provided as .deb are broken as its not possible
  to install newer ones using CPAN, as the modules are installed
  in old (perl 5.004) places. Here /usr/lib/perl5 looks more than
  a junkyard than any other Debian directory, as the slink->potato
  upgrade left many obsolent files. Some modules are totaly broken,
  e.g. embperl is missing DBIx::Recordset to work.

  I therefor not only hope to see Perl 5.6, but I hope to see a better
  integration of Debian and CPAN. Otherwise Debian Perl 5.6 will be as
  useless, for me, as Debian Perl 5.005 was ;-(

  IMHO Debian Perl 5.6 should use the vendor_lib as an install place
  for modules installed by dselect/dpkg, and leave other directories
  clean. Its also necessary to register modules installed by dselect/dpkg
  in perllocal.pod. Perhaps a good way solve this would be to use PPM
  from the ActiveState Perl. Of course this would also need some work
  to integrate PPM, CPAN and Debian.

Bye Michael
  mailto:kraehe@copyleft.de             UNA:+.? 'CED+2+:::Linux:2.2:14'UNZ+1'
  http://www.xml-edifact.org/           CETERUM CENSEO MSDOS ESSE DELENDAM

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