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[fh@debian.org: Need help with bug in libnet-dns-perl]

Hello dear people,

could someone with a good knowledge of perl have a look at this problem ?

That's the kind of work we (as the QA group, however debian-perl is cced
since we may find perl guru over there) should be able to do... help
maintainers when they requested it.

Florian, did you try to contact the upstream maintainer about this 
problem ?


PS: The message is attached. Please read it and help if you can.
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I need help with libnet-dns-perl. I include the original
post to the BTS for reference (Bug #50476):

> Package: libnet-dns-perl
> Version: 0.12-4
> After changing nameserver with $res->nameservers, $res->query fails
> with the error "send: Cannot determine peer address at
> /usr/lib/perl5/Net/DNS/Resolver.pm line 664".  The following program
> demonstrates this:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> #!/usr/bin/perl -Tw
> use Net::DNS;
> die("USAGE: $0 domain\n") unless scalar(@ARGV) == 1;
> my($res) = new Net::DNS::Resolver;
> $res->nameservers('a.root-servers.net');
> print($res->query($ARGV[0], "NS")? "success\n": "failure\n");
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> I'm using kernel 2.0.36, libc6_2.1.2-10 and perl-5.005_5.005.03-4.

I am trying to contact the author from time to time and got
a response once saying he will have a look at it. But this
is quite some time ago.

Therefore I think I have to fix this on my own, but my
knowledge of Perl seems too limited.   ;)

I asked for help at ML debian-perl once, but did not receive any


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