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Re: Perl upgrade : part 2

On Mon, Jul 12, 1999 at 12:45:03AM +0200, Raphael Hertzog wrote:
> Le Sun, Jul 11, 1999 at 03:07:54PM -0700, Darren O. Benham écrivait:
> > Best thing is to get some of those checks to me.  In that bug report you
> > listed a few problems.. I need packages that generate the report and the
> > actual report in question.  There are many and I don't know all of them by
> > heart the way the original authors do.  For the packages, either the names
> > of the package so I can get it from the archive or the actual deb if it's
> > not in the archive yet.  That'd be the best help.. basicly narrowing down
> > the hunt for me.
> I did not fully understand what you want, do you want packages of perl
> modules which does conform to the perl policy ? Which report are you
> speaking about ?
> You can take a look at my packages :
> - libmldbm-perl is an example of non-binary perl module
> - libmsgcat-perl is an example of binary perl module
> - sympa is an example of perl script

No.... examples of packages that DO conform to perl's policy that lintian
report as NOT conforming.  ie... what EXACTLY needs to be fixed in lintian
besides accepting perl5 in place of perl on dependancy lines.

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