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Re: New Perl package diff files

Le Sun, Jun 20, 1999 at 05:40:33AM -0700, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... écrivait:
> Actually, I was going to put the perl, perl-suid, and perl-debug
> packages in a separate package.  I'm also wondering if the same should
> be done for perl-base since we don't want it to always be in
> perl-5.004.  We'll want to retire that at some point.

Yes it's probably a good idea.

> BTW, POSIX is added, the upgrade-alternatives lines for -thread are
> automated, and we create a site_perl/i386-linux-thread.

Good. Don't forget to make them available when you want me to test
them. :-)

<yet another bug>
perl-5.004-base is essential but it shouldn't since perl-base will be.
</yet another bug>

> a package to master.  I suspect that we'll want to wait until perl-5.004 
> is installed into the distribution before uploading the fake perl
> packages.  apt-get doesn't deal well with installed packages depending
> on stuff that's still in Incoming.

Apt-get deals fine with it, it will simply keep the old perl until the
dependency can be satisfied.

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