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[GSoC 2020] Week 2 Report - Android SDK tools in Debian

Hey everyone!
Here's my report for week 2 of coding period.(June 8 to June 14)

This week was a bit slow one as compared to previous weeks. Although I found out the missing jars like kotlin-dsl and kotlin-sam-with-reciever in the Gradle built from upstream source code. I have not been able to place them correctly so that the offline Gradle build can use them. I placed them together with jars form Gradle 4.4.1 but to no use. My offline build still can’t locate them.

Other than the missing places of jars, Gradle currently is halted because of a null pointer exception. Here is the error . I have been at it most of the week. Upon examining I found that a particular Gradle library name is returned as null which isn't expected. I am still trying to find which library is at fault here or is it my Gradle setup. I have a couple of ideas to rule out the later possibility but I will be trying that next week. The Gradle fork of mine can be found here on salsa. Do let me know if anyone finds a solution.

Also, instead of upgrading Gradle to 6.4.1 directly from 4.4.1, I tried upgrading it to 4.5.0. Turns out that every version after 4.4.1 has kotlin in it and has all the build files as .kts files. So it doesn’t matter if it is 4.5.0 or 6.4.1. I anyway have to convert most patches. But as I had done that already for 6.4.1, I decided I should stick to the same. This little maneuver cost us a bit of a branched git history. But I was assured it is okay by my mentors. So all good. 🙂

The goals for next week are solving the null pointer exception. or at least finding the exact culprit behind it.

A blog post on this week can also be found here.

Raman Sarda

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