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[GSoC Report][Week 2] Architecture Cross-Grading Support in Debian

Hi again!

Work has still been going according to schedule. This week's work has
again been focused on the arm64->amd64 crossgrade.

I have been writing the crossgrade driver as I go, so some work
planned for week 6-9 has already been done. Any extra time will be
used for more testing and documentation.

Each crossgrade test-run is taking a considerable amount of time (1-2
hours), mostly taken up by generating the new architecture's
initramfs. This has been slowing down my recent progress.

Week 2 progress:
1. Created a repository on Salsa
2. Used the python-apt library instead of apt-get to download debs for
necessary packages to crossgrade
3. Booted the system successfully in amd64, this time not in systemd
emergency mode!

Roadblocks (very similar to last week):
1. Obtaining an old Debian image for testing (i.e. one with lots of
packages and artifacts of use)
2. Obtaining a physical system to test foreign architecture crossgrades
  - Currently looking at purchasing a Raspberry Pi, which can be used
to test arm(el/hf/64)->arm64 and vice versa (depending on model)
  - Existing computer can be used to test i386->amd64 and amd64->i386

Kevin Wu

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