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[GSoC 2020] Week 2 Report - Android SDK tools in Debian

Hola everyone,
Here's my report for week 2 of the coding period.

This week was a bit slow one as compared to previous weeks. Although I worked with 2 packages (android-platform-system-core and android-platform-build). At first, I have not been able to work on makefiles as these two packages have 2 major release in between i,e currently it's in major version 8 and I am updating it to 10, but after going through the tutorials of makefiles and with a little understanding of makefile I started working on these packages, while working on android-platform-build I encountered that it has a dependency of  android-platform-system-core . 
As these packages have a lot of makefiles to use and build the Binaries, our mentor Chirayu Desai is looking on a tool that can decrease the hustle of these makefiles and we can build the binaries easily, so till that time, the work is on halt. So, currently, I am working on android-platform-tools-apksig  and after this, I will look into the update of wala ( as wala depends a lot on the new upstream Gradle, so waiting for the Gradle to be updated, but I can see kotlin is a major blockage right now and is progressing day by day ) but Gradle depends on kotlin, so I will wait for this month to see if there is any progress on Gradle, and if not I will start working on wala and start patching the wala code to use current Gradle. 
Rest this week I learned a lot about makefiles, this week was slow on the work phase but I learned a lot during this week . 
There are no Blockers right now.


Manas Kashyap

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