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[GSoC`20 Report] [Weekly Report] Android SDK tools in Debian

Here's a weekly update on my work done. 

This week I was working on the updation of android-platform-system-core , prior to this I thought of updating android-platform-external-doclava , but with the concerned mentors I came to know that we don't need doclava anymore, so I dropped it. (work done till now can be reviewed here https://salsa.debian.org/Manas-kashyap-guest/android-platform-external-doclava ) 
While working on android-platform-system-core I started to work on it from scratch as we are changing the compiler of the files to CLANG (compiler used in upstream) from GCC (which was previously used) 
for now, I have made a rough repository for this thing  (https://salsa.debian.org/Manas-kashyap-guest/system-core-gsoc ) 
During this week I learnt about makefiles, clang, GCC, CPP and c files as with this major update many files have been changed from c to CPP. 
I also worked on makefiles and Learnt makefiles concepts. 
Blockers:- As of now no such blockers.

Thank you 
Manas Kashyap 

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