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[GSoC`20 Report] [Weekly Report] Android SDK tools in Debian


Here's a weekly update on my work done so far :)

 An update about my work *till today*:

=> Kotlin Work!

As mentioned earlier, the package was fixed with the various errors and the dir(Debian) is corrected to meet Debian Standards.

While the next very important thing was to have an upload plan. (ebourg and andrewsh suggested ways).

We are sticking to the fact that "kotlin should be able to build by itself".

Currently I'm testing to find the best possible way so that we can upload the *rebuilt* package. For now, we have two major blockers listed below.

There was a regression with guava-libraries which let to failure in kotlin-proguard tasks (fixed now). 

It was found that kotlinx-metadata resides in the source package itself (hence we don't need to package it separately). I have converted those kts files to groovy and made them compatible to build.

>> kotlinx-metadata-jvm

>> kotlinx-metadata

All the issues for the kotlin can be tracked at  https://salsa.debian.org/android-tools-team/admin/-/issues/18

Thanks to (@ebourg) for helping with the issues. 

=> Blockers?

The kotlin source package consists of kotlin-gradle-plugin and kotlin-sam-with-receiver binaries. Ideally, these binaries should be generated by the package itself, but they aren't.

On parsing to through the tree structure last night, I found that kotlin-Gradle-plugin and couple of its subordinate directory were in kts. But. on converting them to groovy is no success. I am debugging the kotlin-gradle-plugin (once we have those binaries generated).

We can upload kotlin!

=> Apart from kotlin:

Fixed the kazocsaba-imageviewer (thanks to ebourg for upload). The package resides in the NEW queue.

Fixed android-platform-tools-apksig (Closes: #960778) [1]

Fixed android-sdk-meta (Closes: #941260) [2]

Updated android-platform-dalvik (Closes: #935820)  [3]

(Merge requests are under review.)

=> Other work apart from the Project:

I have raised a request to upstream to check if kotlin-bootstrap is specifically available for 1.3.30.

There has been a little hiccup with my college stuff, so, I finally finished whatever was left.

Attended the weekly meeting at IRC.

(FYI, all the discussions for "Android SDK tools in Debian" is moved to #debian-android-tools on OFTC.

Thanks and regards,

Samyak Jain






[3] https://salsa.debian.org/android-tools-team/android-platform-dalvik/-/merge_requests

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