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Re: selecting Debian mentors for the mentor summit

On 07/08/18 23:12, Karen Sandler wrote:
> Apologies I might not be fully understanding this since I just joined
> this list, but I would probably emphasize contributions to Debian before
> whether or not the person has received a bursary from Debian in the past
> for an unrelated event. I think giving lower priority to people who
> cannot afford to travel on their own is problematic. I think we should
> favor people who are more likely to represent the project well and also
> bring the result of the connections they make there and the things they
> learn back to the Debian community.

My proposal wasn't intended to exclude people who needed the bursary on
financial grounds, it was intended to rotate the places, so people who
hadn't attended other events might have a higher chance of attending the

So where I wrote "eliminate candidates who had a DebConf bursary this
year", maybe that could simply read "eliminate candidates who had the
means to attend DebConf this year"



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