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Re: selecting Debian mentors for the mentor summit

Apologies I might not be fully understanding this since I just joined this list, but I would probably emphasize contributions to Debian before whether or not the person has received a bursary from Debian in the past for an unrelated event. I think giving lower priority to people who cannot afford to travel on their own is problematic. I think we should favor people who are more likely to represent the project well and also bring the result of the connections they make there and the things they learn back to the Debian community.


On 2018-08-07 15:40, Lucas Kanashiro wrote:
Hi Daniel,

I agree with the points presented to be part of the selection algorithm
(maybe not in the order that you listed) but I would add something to
measure the candidate's contributions to Debian Project, since the
selected mentors will represent the project there.


Lucas Kanashiro.

On 08/07/2018 04:09 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
On 02/08/18 22:52, Daniel Pocock wrote:
In the past, Debian has given priority to mentors who never attended the
summit before.  If anybody (including students) would like to make
suggestions about alternatives or enhancements to this algorithm, please
do so, the existing algorithm is not set in stone.

I didn't see anybody else comment on the selection algorithm publicly so
I'd like to throw in a couple of suggestions, so if there are more than
2 people who want to go, the following strategy could be used to
eliminate candidates until only two are left:

- eliminate candidates who already attended the summit in the past

- eliminate candidates who had a DebConf bursary this year

- eliminate candidates who had a DebConf bursary within the last 3 years

- eliminate candidates who had a bursary for any other major event in
the last year

and furthermore, at some point in the algorithm, we could try to ensure
there is at least one candidate for diversity, which may be a woman or
anybody from a non white privileged male background.

In response to Dashamir's comment, I don't think visa policies should be
a factor in the decision.  A lot of visa policies appear to be racist
and they fail to treat all people as equal human beings.  They appear to
be incompatible with Debian's Code of Conduct.  The candidates can be
selected based on merit and if racism slows down the visa processing for
too long and the travel grant is not spent we all know it is not the
mentor's fault and we can check if the money can be used to pay for
travel to some other event in future.

Google set a deadline of 5 September for the two chosen mentors to
register with Google but to allow mentors to commence their travel
planning, leave authorization and anything else I would propose that we
have a Debian deadline for people to express interest by 15 August at
23:59 with a prompt decision by admins after that.

As noted in the Google email to mentors on 1 August, every mentor can
put their name on the wait list for extra places at the summit, you can
do that now using the link provided by Google.



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