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Re: selecting Debian mentors for the mentor summit

On 07/08/18 23:47, Olly Betts wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 07, 2018 at 09:09:54PM +0200, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> I didn't see anybody else comment on the selection algorithm publicly so
>> I'd like to throw in a couple of suggestions, so if there are more than
>> 2 people who want to go, the following strategy could be used to
>> eliminate candidates until only two are left:
>> - eliminate candidates who already attended the summit in the past
>> - eliminate candidates who had a DebConf bursary this year
>> - eliminate candidates who had a DebConf bursary within the last 3 years
>> - eliminate candidates who had a bursary for any other major event in
>> the last year
> I tend to agree to Karen that linking this to bursaries is problematic.
> If you're not just going to pick names from a hat then I'd suggest
> favouring people with a track record of contributing to Debian who
> simply haven't been to Debconf or similar recently, and haven't been
> to the mentor summit before.
> (I have no horse in this race - I'll be at the summit but as org admin
> for Xapian).
>> Google set a deadline of 5 September for the two chosen mentors to
>> register with Google but to allow mentors to commence their travel
>> planning, leave authorization and anything else I would propose that we
>> have a Debian deadline for people to express interest by 15 August at
>> 23:59 with a prompt decision by admins after that.
> That will only leave 8 weeks to sort out visas and book flights, which
> is quite tight for those with complicated visa process to navigate.
> People have already had plenty of time to say they want to go, and there
> are already many more candidates than places.

I was conscious of the fact that some people might be in transit or
catching up on a post-DebConf email backlog this week.  There is also
the question of waiting for the mentors to submit evaluations, which
they can only do from Tuesday.

We could bring it forward to Friday night though and try to tell people
on Monday or Tuesday, how do other admins feel about that timeline?

>> As noted in the Google email to mentors on 1 August, every mentor can
>> put their name on the wait list for extra places at the summit, you can
>> do that now using the link provided by Google.
> In some past years a lot of Debian mentors have joined the waitlist, and
> OSPO have asked the admins to coordinate to choose just one.  Such
> things do change with time, but don't be surprised if that happens.
> Also remember that we don't get extra travel funds for wait list places
> this year (which is different to some previous years).  Once the GSoC
> funds are used, you'll need to find more funds or people will have to
> pay for themselves.

People can ask the DPL for travel funds for any purpose on a
case-by-case basis.  I'm not sure what he would say about topping up
travel budget for the summit but ultimately only he can decide on that.
I think we should just encourage people to apply and as with anything
else, leave the final decision about any money to the DPL or whatever
external resources people can tap into.




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