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[GSOC] Weekly Status Report #4 - Integrate AppRecommender with AppStream


In my fifth week, I have dealt with new problems on the AppRecommender package. The problems were generated because of the .egg-info files generated during the package built, but that is already fixed.

Also, I have created a patch that allow KDE Apper to be buildable again in Debian unstable. The problem was basically calls for AppStream methods with old signatures. I have also faced a problem related to where Apper is installing some of its plugins, but I am waiting the maintainer response about that problem. Currently, I have solved that with a symbolic link.

I have also tried to built KDE Discover, but there were some problems with the installation. Currently, I think there is a problem on where I am installing the application. But will I look further on this issue on this next week.

For the next week, I will:

* Add a way to display the user packages that most probably caused the recommendation of a given package:

* Further investigate the problem with building KDE Discover:


Lucas Moura

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