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[Soc-coordination] Weekly 5 - Status Report

What was done

Send a patch to be revised by popularity-contest developers, and the script
receive the following updates after the revisions:

  - Set default parameters to script arguments

  - Makes the script works on Debian wheezy

  - Optimize memory consumption and execution time

Document the format of the output from popularity-contest data digestion.

Send e-mail, to invite popularity-contest developers to BoF on Debconf16.

Check how how-can-help run after install package with apt, and creates a
first version of this on AppRecommender.

milestone: https://gitlab.com/AppRecommender/AppRecommender/milestones/9

To the next week

- Ready the privacy-related articles
- Document privacy issues
- Evolving privace topics
- Makes patch revision
- Update popcon cluster script

milestone: https://gitlab.com/AppRecommender/AppRecommender/milestones/10

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