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[GSOC] Weekly Status Report #4 - Integrate AppRecommender with AppStream


In my fourth week, I have finished the AppRecommender package and I was able to set the development environment for Apper. I have also contacted the Apper maintaner about the status of the Apper package, and there currently some problems on porting the application to a new KDE framework.

Furthermore, I have also discussed with the AppStream maintainer about my recommendation feature, and he suggested a more practical way to handle the recommendations, which I will also start working.

Therefore, for my next week I will:

Fix my AppStream recommendation feature:

* Study the status of the Apper package:

* Set the the development environment of KDE Discover.

If the Apper package requires too much work for my GSOC time, I will probably shift to integrate my feature with KDE Discover.


Lucas Moura

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