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[GSoc] [Debsources] Week 4 Student Report

Hey all,

Forth week is now over, so here's my report!

The Project

The project title is "Improving Accessibility and front-end of
Debsources" You'll find the Google Summer of Code information
[on their site][1]. For a more detailed project summary see the
[Debian Wiki Page][2].

Quick Links

- [Debsources Github Fork][3]
- [Trello Board][4]
- [Development log][5]
- http://sourcedev.debian.net

Week 4 Report

### Merged since last report

- Add bootstrap dependencies
  [PR 61](https://github.com/Debian/debsources/pull/61)

### Tasks Complete (not merged)

- Visit and add responsive code to all pages that need it.

  [Related PR](https://github.com/Debian/debsources/pull/62)

### Tasks in Progress

- Fix outstanding issues with repsonsive markup (see progress table)

### Other Progress

- Created [progress table][6]

  This is where you'll see a documented list of all files related to the
  view of debsources. It is, as the title explains, a full enumeration
  of my current progress.

### Current Status

I felt I've had an increase in work done every day since last week.

Factors that lead to this increase in productivity were:

- The devlog. It helped me hone into things I needed to do.
- The progress table. This was only necessary I think because
   my trello issues weren't used well enough.

In that respect, the trello issues are in themselves an issue. They are not
specific enough. Since I've created this table, I will stick to it. However
more specific trello issues in week6 will probably make a progress
table obsolete.

### Issues

However, I didn't _quite_ finish responsive templates, which was in my
plan for last week.

However, I think such a feat probably was impossible, because
the testing stage is going to take a while. I predict we will need all
of week5 to get it merged in with no hiccups.

### Plan for next week

To be discussed with my mentors on Tuesday morning, but my general plan is:

- Test and document all of the pages.

  This will probably be done with reference to the progress table.
  As discussed in my devlog, I'll provide lots of information of results
  including screenshots. This is to make it easy to review.

  If anybody knows any FLOSS way of providing a document with inline
  commenting let me know.  I'd prefer to work inside markdown if
  If there's no solution like that, I'll just write it in the PR to be
  reviewed along with the code.

- Separate code into different PR's.

  This will be done to make work more manageable to review. It will be
  done in a similar way to how the progress board is separated,
  each folder receiving a separate PR.

Aaron (~devoxel)

[1]: https://summerofcode.withgoogle.com/projects/#4593198689157120 "GSoc"
[2]: https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2016/StudentApplications/AaronDelaney
[3]: https://github.com/devoxel/debsources
[4]: https://trello.com/b/TQEwttbV/debsources-gsoc-2016
[5]: http://www.devoxel.net/log/
[6]: https://github.com/devoxel/debsources/blob/feature-responsive-templates/doc/twitter-bootstrap.progress.md

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