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Re: [GSoC] Introduction and Project Discussion

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 7:12 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans@at.or.at> wrote:
> Here are some other small contribution ideas:
> * attempt to build a simple Android app using the current packages, that
> would require downloading some of the pieces from Google, and file bug
> reports to the failing packages
> * research the differences between the Android QEMU and the QEMU in
> Debian, to see whether we can use the Debian QEMU, and post the results
> on https://wiki.debian.org/AndroidTools
> * figure out how Google builds the Android SDK docs from source, and
> file a Intent-To-Package (ITP) bug report with that info
The docs included with the SDK (in the docs subdir) are built from
and are built using

I will try to build them separately tomorrow, using only the
repositories which debian has already forked and then adding more
dependencies as needed, and then file a formal bug report, and also
document it on the AndroidTools wiki page.
> * backport android-tools 5.1.1r29-2 to Debian/stable (jessie)
> .hc
> Hans-Christoph Steiner:
>> Hey Chirayu,
>> Working with the Android Tools team means coordinating with lots of
>> other projects like Android, apktool, fdroid, etc.  It will help your
>> application a lot if we can see real contributions.  You can try working
>> on bug in any Android Tools package:
>> https://qa.debian.org/developer.php?email=android-tools-devel%40lists.alioth.debian.org
>> Or try fixing this issue in apktool that is blocking it from working in
>> Debian:
>> https://github.com/iBotPeaches/Apktool/issues/1166
>> The Android Tools team work is ongoing, so what needs doing will have
>> changed by the time the GSoC period has started.  Also, as with any
>> technical project, it is difficult to predict how long chunks of work
>> will take.  So we will work out the exact pieces you'll be working on
>> when the GSoC work period starts.  If you want to work on specific
>> pieces only, that might be possible.  We try to work as a team, and
>> decide together what needs doing when, and who is working on what.
>> .hc
>> Chirayu Desai:
>>> Hi, I have submitted a draft proposal. [1]:
>>> I would like to add something.
>>> This is a large project with multiple sub-projects, and I'm willing to
>>> work on either of those.
>>> I have past experience with Android, being a maintainer multiple
>>> devices for CyanogenMod, making them run on open source code, and
>>> porting newer android versions to them.
>>> My proposal includes a few of the suggested sub-projects, and I'm
>>> ready to change those with something else to not overlap with another
>>> student.
>>> I could work on a few from the below.
>>> * SDK, and tools to build android 'apk's - updates, and new packages
>>> * NDK - new package, for tools to create apps with native code (C/C++/etc).
>>> * Android Studio - new package, IDE based on Intellij IDEA
>>> * Emulator (and target platform) - for testing apps
>>> * make all Android Tools packages build reproducibly - study existing
>>> solutions, and apply them to current and newer packages.
>>> * Continuous Integration tests for the above
>>> * Third party tools for android development (such as apktool) -
>>> updates, and new packages
>>> The above list includes all but one from the wiki, which is:
>>> "improve package build systems to be more tightly integrated with
>>> upstream build systems"
>>> I have interest in build systems in general, and have worked quite a
>>> bit with android's make based system as well.
>>> However, as discussed in earlier e-mails, it is currently undergoing a
>>> transition.
>>> You can currently build the AOSP master tree with a ninja based build system.
>>> This would be something I would like to discuss further, say in the
>>> community bonding period, or even before that.
>>> Regards,
>>> Chirayu Desai
>>> [1]: https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2016/StudentApplications/ChirayuDesai
>>> On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 2:41 AM, Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans@at.or.at> wrote:
>>>> Chirayu Desai:
>>>>> On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 3:30 PM, Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans@at.or.at> wrote:
>>>>>> Hey Chirayu,
>>>>>> Chirayu Desai:
>>>>>>>> package new parts of the Android upstream source, including the NDK, target platforms, emulators, Android Studio, etc.
>>>>>>> This would involve more repositories being pulled under android-tools/
>>>>>>> It would be made easier by the fact that the NDK is less coupled with
>>>>>>> the build system than other tools, and there is also a repo manifest
>>>>>>> to build only the NDK - which doesn't fetch too many repos, especially
>>>>>>> if you don't count the prebuilt toolchains [3]
>>>>>> Since Debian always builds everything from source, the prebuilts will
>>>>>> count too.  Unfortunately, those can be harder...
>>>>> Right.
>>>>> So that means even the prebuilt toolchains would have to be built from
>>>>> their android fork?
>>>>> That would be quite a bit of work.
>>>>> Doable, but a lot to compile.
>>>> Building everything from source is the end goal, but it is a large task,
>>>> so it could make sense to provide some packages that download Android
>>>> SDK/NDK binaries in an easy, automatic way (like the flash packages,
>>>> some font packages, etc).  But everything in the main Debian
>>>> repositories must be built entirely from source.
>>>>>>>> package and improve related tools, like apktool, androguard, fdroidserver, drozer, etc.
>>>>>>> Doable, probably much easier as they would likely be independent tools
>>>>>>> then be something so tightly coupled as android.
>>>>>>> Overall, I view this as a good challenge for me, given this is a part
>>>>>>> of android I haven't worked too much with before. And that too for
>>>>>>> debian, which is something I've only used.
>>>>>>> It would be a great experience for me to be able to work with the
>>>>>>> debian project, and contribute with the help of the android knowledge
>>>>>>> I've gained over the years.
>>>>>>> I'll upload a draft proposal to Google's site if the above looks okay
>>>>>>> to you guys.
>>>>>> Yes, sounds good, please upload a proposal!
>>>>> I'll try to get it done by tonight, or tomorrow.
>>>>> I have exams in college right now, so that is what I was busy with for
>>>>> most of the day.
>>>>> i do have two holidays coming up before the deadline though so I'll be
>>>>> able to dedicate most of my time to this, and study things in detail
>>>>> to write a proper proposal
>>>> Ok, looking forward to it!
>>>> .hc

Thanks and Regards,
Chirayu Desai

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