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[GSoC and Outreachy Mentors] Let us know how many slots your project(s) need

Hi all,

We would like to have, as soon as possible, a rough idea how many candidates
(maximum) you think you can accept for your projects, so that we can make our
slots request to Google and know if we need to go looking for more Outreachy

Please let us know in private at outreach@debian.org (M-F-T set accordingly).

This is especially time-sensitive for mentors who received interest from
Outreachy applicants, as we need to be looking for funds at the earliest
opportunity if we would like to welcome more interns this session.

You also need to register to the respective program sites ASAP to be able to
review all proposals.

Nicolas Dandrimont

BOFH excuse #326:
We need a licensed electrician to replace the light bulbs in the computer room.

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