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Re: missing java support in default debian OOo package

[ readding -openoffice into the loop ]

Am Dienstag, 23. November 2004 14:49 schrieb Helge Hess:
> On Nov 23, 2004, at 14:22, Ines Pfauch wrote:
> >> Because everything in Debian main (= free[1] software) has to be able
> >> to run
> >> and build with free software alone.
> Of course.
> I wonder whether there is the possibility to compile the Java support
> as some kind of addon (eg a shared library which is loaded if
> available) or is it too deeply integrated into OOo?

It is too deeply integrated.

> >> And since OOo doesn't build with free JDKs yet....
> Just out of interest: is there a specific reason that it doesn't
> compile against say Kaffe? Incomplete JNI support or something else?

usage of proprietary sun classes, sun-only features, etc...

> >> We think so too. But unless those parts of OOo become buildable with
> >> free JDKs
> >> (and *not* the non-free sun/blackdown/ibm ones) it is not possible
> >> without
> >> having to get into contrib again
> Would it be possible to have a default Debian OOo package *and* an
> additional package in contrib/non-free which is the same + Java?

-java is already available. Just not in the official archive yet

> It would be great to have an OOo package for Debian which supports Java
> and is from the same people who also build the Debian core OOo
> packages.

See above.



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