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[announce] Openoffice 1.9.62 .debs

I have put up a set of .debs of the upcoming OpenOffice.org 2.0 version


These are .debs generated by the new openoffice 'native installer'
system, and are not of the same quality or caliber as Debian users would
normaly expect to see.  In particular:

      * There are no proper package Dependencies as there is no support
        in the upstream build system for these at the moment.  I built
        these on a mostly Sarge system with mostly internal libraries.  
      * pkgcheck gives some errors about *.dpkg-tmp when
        installing/upgrading.  Just ignore them, and this step is going
        to be removed from the postinstall scripts soon anyway.
      * There is no system integration - menu entries or scripts
        in /usr/bin.  Start OOo
        with /opt/openoffice1.9.62/program/soffice

I hardcoded the package generation routine to generate .debs instead
of .rpm.  This will change in the future when the installer generation
script has been changed to accept a format flag.  There is a diff of the
changes I made to generate the .diffs here:


If you encounter problems with the resulting build, please file bug
reports in OOo's upstream issuezilla.  And, if anyone has time to help
us, I'd really appreciate it if we could have some help in testing the
bugs filed in the Debian bug tracker, to see if they have already been
fixed in the 1.9x builds:


You can find me or Rene on irc.debian.org, in channel #debian-oo.

Have fun,

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