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Re: Bug#241529: /usr/bin/openoffice: the text menus are all gone after the latest upgrade

I have the same missing font problem in Sid. Openoffice 1.1.0-6
works fine, but newer versions do not.

Maybe the problem is in the folder
The reason of my thought is that I did have OOo 1.1.1 working correctly,
with the exception of the Nimbus fonts not showing. I thought that maybe
something had gone missing with some upgrade and decided to reinstall OOo.
I also had the bad idea of manually deleting the truetype/openoffice
folder, which contained a link to an encoding.dir file, a Fontmap file, a
font.dir file and another couple of files that I don't remember.

With the new installation those files have not been recreated. There
is only a file there, opens___.ttf, which I don't think was there before.

Could someone with a working OOo check what is supposed to be there?


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