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Re: OOo 1.1 in sid with rootfs mounted readonly via NFS

On Tuesday 24 February 2004 18:08, Chris Halls wrote:

> Great, thanks for following up with information about that.

No worries - there's nothing worse than seeing your exact problem on a list, 
but no solution.

> Do you think you could summarise the hints you gathered into a short
> paragraph that we can put in README.Debian to help anyone else who has
> similar problems?

Hm, let's see...

'Make sure NFS lockd is running on the client, or mount the NFS export which 
contains /usr with the 'nolock' option.

If /usr gets mounted from an initrd, check 'ps' output once the system is 
fully booted to ensure that you see a [lockd] kernel process, or an 
'rpc.lockd' userspace process. 

If not, just issue your mount command again (no need to even -o remount it 
seems!) and run /etc/init.d/nfs-common restart.


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