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OOo 1.1 in sid with rootfs mounted readonly via NFS

Hi :)

I've just built a sid installation based on KDE and rolled this out to
multiple PXE-booting desktops, mounting the entire rootfs as readonly
(with some remapping of /var, /tmp, /etc etc.)

I seem to have the same problem as this guy, but his e-mail address now
bounces, and was curious if the problem has since come to light by
others before I file a more formal bug report:


A .openoffice directory isn't even created in $HOME, nor .sversionrc
(name from memory...).

The last .ttf that's opened is one of the Bitstream Vera family which is
being used for the main KDE display, so they seem to be correctly
configured (I tried reinstalling them anyway, just in case)

I've also looked through strace outputs, and none of it seems to suggest
anything is particularly wrong, but will of course provide a full trace
if needed :)

One of the irritating bits is that I see it trying to write a
'Setup_err.txt' (again, filename from memory...) but being 'access
denied' - I assume then it's trying to write the errorlog to somewhere
in /usr rather than $HOME where OOo was launched. Is there some way to
override this so I can find where it's failing?


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