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Re: OOo 1.1 in sid with rootfs mounted readonly via NFS

On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 10:51, Chris Halls wrote:

> > So, not a desirable solution, but a solution nonetheless ...
> Would you mind opening a new issue at openoffice.org and describe your
> problem and the workaround you found?  That would help make sure that
> this gets looked at and fixed for 2.0.  I already checked there are no
> open bug reports for this already.

OK, opened, and closed already.

The solution was quite subtle :) 

Since I'm doing PXE-booting to an NFS root, I use the initrd feature to
set the system up, and in my initrd ext2 image, I have
statically-compiled versions of some commands, including an NFS-aware

Now, because the NFS mount was taking place before the 'real system'
took over, it was working fine but not showing up in the output of
'mount' later on.

And that meant that the associated [lockd] kernel process wasn't
starting either... so now I'm simply remounting the nfsroot once the
real 'init' is running the show, and [lockd] is running OK :)

I haven't as yet tested the OOo setup, but I am convinced this will
solve it :)


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