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Re: OOo 1.1 in sid with rootfs mounted readonly via NFS

On Mon, 2004-02-23 at 11:46, Gavin Hamill wrote:
> I seem to have the same problem as this guy, but his e-mail address now
> bounces, and was curious if the problem has since come to light by
> others before I file a more formal bug report:

I've not had any more feedback on the problem that he had.

> A .openoffice directory isn't even created in $HOME, nor .sversionrc
> (name from memory...).
> The last .ttf that's opened is one of the Bitstream Vera family which is
> being used for the main KDE display, so they seem to be correctly
> configured (I tried reinstalling them anyway, just in case)


> I've also looked through strace outputs, and none of it seems to suggest
> anything is particularly wrong, but will of course provide a full trace
> if needed :)
> One of the irritating bits is that I see it trying to write a
> 'Setup_err.txt' (again, filename from memory...) but being 'access
> denied' - I assume then it's trying to write the errorlog to somewhere
> in /usr rather than $HOME where OOo was launched. Is there some way to
> override this so I can find where it's failing?

I don't know.  You could try running /usr/lib/openoffice/setup instead
of letting the wrapper run it for you.  You might get some extra
information that way.

Also, take a look at this upstream issue:


"The problem was resolved when I started to use the nfs-kernel Debian
package instead of nfs-user Debian package."

Also, does the workaround described help?

  "I've done some experiments on NFS and the problem seems connected
  the lock options. Infact by setting


  into program/soffice all seems to work.

  Another way is to mount nfs area with -o nolock option."

If you still have a problem, file a bug report to help keep track of the problem.


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