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Re: rebuilding openoffice.org

* Wouter Hanegraaff <w.hanegraaff@nospam.openoffice.nl> wrote:
> It took me a bit longer than planned, but now I have a woody backport
> available for download at:

Thanks a lot!

With me, somewhere after an hour, the build crashed with an error :(
Haven't tried ater that.

> The packages work for me (tm), I built them in a chroot with just the
> build-dependencies installed, upgraded to freetype 2.1.3-10woody1 from
> deb http://mirror.raw.no/ gnome2.2/ .
> Please let me know if this works, or if you have any problems with these
> packages.

Up to now (just opened and closed :) none so far.

Thank's a lot!

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