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Re: French spellchecker package


There are two issues I remember, though:

1) Uploaders: and Maintainer: was wrong, you want to do it so:

Maintainer: Debian OpenOffice Team <debian-openoffice@lists.debian.org>
Uploaders: Jerome Warnier <jwarnier@bxlug.be>

I was not sure of the way to do it.
I was expecting you to fix that, though ;-)

heh :)
I would have done it f I haven't forget it.
Well, considering I waited for about 6 month to do the package, which needed very few modifications, it is not really important.

2) The second and the first from the bottom name Chris. Is that right
or an error?

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean here.

There was something like

blah (12345-3) ...
* foo bar baz

 -- Jerome Warnier .....

blah (12345-2) ...
* foo2

 -- Chris Halls ..... [1]

blah (12345-1)
* foo3

 -- Chris Halls ..... [1]

[1] or only chris.halls@gmx.de., not sure...
And how should I do it?
I didn't do the package from the beginning, I just adapted it...
But maybe should I put who made this version of the package really available, in this case it should be me?

3) Why -fr-fr? In
there is written that for single languages there only should be a -<isocode>.
Or is there a possibility to need e.g. -fr-be, -fr-ca, or something

I'm not sure, in fact. For the moment, those dictionnaries do not exist, and I was wondering if it would even make sense to have more than one in French. Why do "de-de", "de-at", and "de-ch" exist? Is there so many differences among the words used in any of those countries? Isn't there a common, official, dictionnary available for German?

There is; there are some additions in -at in comparison to -de and
de_CH is a extra dictionary, don't ask me why :)
Ok, I'll make a single-"fr" version because I do not know currently of any other version of a french dictionary.



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